Barbara Teichmann die Bierversteherin - Meyer-Bräu in Wasserburg am Inn Hamburg and Sarstedt (close to Hanover) were my locations from 1995 to 2003. There I got to know the most variable types of beers of the north. Several journeys to Ireland expanded my world of beer to the very interesting specialty Irish beer culture.

The decision to practice my passion for beer professionally, however, matured only in 2004. This applied especially, when I could let tourists and interested visitors into the secrets of brewing beer as a tour guide at Erdinger Weißbräu.

Since 2010 I have continued this business in Munich at the breweries of Spaten/Franziskaner/Löwenbräu. In order to advance further into the matter of beer, the training to qualify as a sommelier of beer at Doemens in October 2011 was my next step into professional independence.

Barbara Teichmann - Die BierVersteherin - Biersommelièr-Diplom von Doemens

During various stays in Italy/Tuscany and at the beer fair at Rimini,
I gathered precious experiences with the varied Italian beer culture. Most of all small breweries now are experiencing an impetus with experimental beers.

Polyglot expert of beer

Aside from the beer, my further passion is in languages. This can be combined very well with my business, because I am able to offer my tastings as well as my guided tours in English and in Italian.

Additionally I work at Wasserburg as tour guide for Italian guests and at the Summer 2012 program of the Chiemsee Alps-tourism I conduct with a colleague, a combined city tour with beer tasting.